KaffeBox is a Scandinavian based coffee subscription primarily based in Norway but has approximately 25% of their customers around the globe!

The coffee we tried from KaffeBox was nothing short of spectacular. The aroma, the taste and smoothness of the coffee was second to none. It was genuinely one of the best  coffee’s we’ve tried in a while.

About Kaffebox

The Kaffebox was founded 3 years ago by Tyler Olson as its name may imply, is a monthly speciality coffee subscription. KaffeBox feature Scandinavian roasters and are on a mission  They ship to 35+ countries worldwide, which I think is a great initiative. Kaffebox was a finalist in the 2017 Sprudgie Awards for ‘Best Coffee Subscription’

  • You get to try a different coffee every month
  • You get to try Norwegian coffee,
  • The box comes with great taste notes

Competitive pricing

Starting from $15/bag and that includes shipping worldwide

Gift subscriptions

You get to choose a gift subscription which can great if you don’t know what to get someone (the coffee is amazing, believe me)!


You can shop your different grind, roast, and frequency. So it’s great if you have very specific needs.


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