Address: Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 10/d, 40126 Bologna, Italy

The concept of Italy contains thousands of small words flying around, yes I will talk about the topics: Napolitan pizzas, southern gelatos, typical pasta recipes in every region, thousands-years-old stories and love for coffee. I am not going to argue about the Italian’s coffee tradition and the paths it took. I think it is the moment to highlight how deep-rooted this tradition is, being part of its culture.

Looking for that love for coffee is how I got to Terzi. One email at 3 AM talking about the best coffee spots of Bologna knocked my door. One month later, it is 5 AM; my plane takes me from Bristol to Bologna. I wake up on my seat, and I head to the city by bus. The old doors of the city greet me, they call you to take a walk from the station to an undecided destination. In front of me two towers are standing up, they appear like lovers, one of them is leaning as it looks for the kiss of the second one. While I see the old and prideful towers, which long time ago inhabited the city like coffee shops do nowadays, I find myself at Via Guglielmo Oberdan. I am at the Ghetto Ebraico.

Now, after dribbling dozens of Italian cafes, like I am in a bazaar surrounded by sellers, I find the small Terzi cornered. Terzi keeps an aura of that ancient Bolognese splendour. It hides some of the best coffees you could ever try in the Emiliana city. When you enter, you will see the closest thing to an Italianised British tea room. The well-dressed baristas graciously move around the café. They will politely throw you the first question: would you like to have a sit or to be served at the counter? Most of Italians are on the table finishing their espressos. Their eyes go from their beloved golden liquids to the machines baristas are nursing.

That’s how I take the tourist path; espresso is something else for me. I find it a longer experience than most Italians would consider as normal. The friendly barista brings me to the next room, where I’ve been seated in a comfortable armchair. The room reminds me of a classical Italian opera décor. Classical music is played. I haven’t realised, but I have a Villeroy and Boch china cup on my hand, and espresso is kissing my lips. I enjoy the sweetness that Terzi highlighted when he was roasting this washed Guatemala Huehuetenango. Time goes slow, like the music, like the espresso…


_mg_3359When I asked Elena, manager of the shop, about Terzi and the story behind she gives me this little piece:

To better explain what “Caffè Terzi” means, here are some passages of a piece entitled “Attention”:

“It’s everything we expect from you. Only a little Attention when you approach a rare or delicate tea, an Origin of coffee from a particular plantation …In order not to lose all the work, commitment and love that dozens, sometimes hundreds of people dedicated to the product you are about to enjoy. We ask you a little attention … ”

And it is only this that Manuel and Elena Terzi ask their customers since 2002 when they decided to start this adventure. Their passion and professionalism have made the search for absolute quality the distinctive brand and today the shop in Via Oberdan – a few years ago also in the new shop in Vignola – wants to be a point of reference for all those who want to enjoy a moment of pleasure sipping an elegant blend or drifting in distant lands while enjoying an exotic origin.


Why did you start to make coffee?

I always went to Caffè Terzi for a great Espresso. When I met Mr Terzi, I decided to attend to his course about Coffee and I fell in love!

How was your first experience at Caffee Terzi?

After the course, the guys that were managing the shop decided to quit, and Mr Terzi gave me the chance to work for him and did put trust on me.

What is Caffe Terzi for you?

It’s not only the place where I work but also a place where I can meet people. Those are individuals who enrich me thanks to their experiences.

What is your favourite coffee? How do you like it brewed?

One of my favourite coffees is Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia brewed on V60. However, I enjoyed  Sidamo or Limu Grade 1 from Ethiopia too, as they are amazing espressos.


♣    Monday-Saturday: 8:00-18:00

FOOD: Croissants, Biscuits, Cakes




♣    Coffee Beans.


♣    Armchairs.



♣    Main Roaster: Terzi.

ESPRESSO: Three Blends and Six Single Origins.

FILTER: Six Single Origins.

TEA SELECTION: Direct Source by Mr Terzi.


♣    Soy Milk.

♣    Oat Milk.

♣    Barley Milk.

♣    Spelt Milk.

♣    Millet Milk.

♣    Rice Milk.

COFFEE MACHINE: Faema E61 Legend.

GRINDERS: Three Faema Brutus and 6 Casadio.


♣    V60.

♣    Regular Drip Coffee Maker.


♣    Frozen

♣    Affogato

♣    Shakerato



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